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Boys Move

Boys Move is an approach to addressing the wellbeing challenges of working class boys through the power of PE and sport, helping schools to address whole school challenges and unlock their potential in school and in life.


The Youth Sport Trust has explored the issues relating to boys' disaffection, wellbeing and achievement, and created an approach to increasing the engagement, wellbeing and potential of working class boys through PE and sport.

It is well-established that regular physical activity can enhance social, emotional, and physical wellbeing which can enhance health-related quality of life. While it is important that these methods are implemented for all boys to promote positive wellbeing, such methods should be targeting those who are at most risk of falling out of the system. The ability of these boys to achieve academically isn't being catered for by the curriculum. The power of sport has the potential to develop boys' skills and wellbeing from an early age to prevent such issues leading to a clinical diagnosis of a mental health disorder, exclusion from school, or involvement in the criminal justice system.

Boys Move is based on an evidence review, a tested theory of change and 10 guiding principles for programme design. It starts with an underpinning CPD programme aimed at male PE staff as a basis for addressing the challenges in your school and using the power of PE and sport to create a whole school approach to helping working class boys reach their potential.