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Beyond the Baseline

Beyond the Baseline is a free secondary schools tennis programme for 11-16 year-olds that YST has been delivering in partnership with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) since 2012.


The programme uses tennis, and inspirational tennis mentors to help young people to fulfil their potential.

Schools identify a maximum of 25 young people to make up a project group, targeting students that are disengaged and need additional support to help raise their aspirations. Selected students will preferably have an interest in sport and being active and will be enthused by taking part in a tennis specific programme.

Once the project group is in place schools are allocated their Tennis Mentor for the programme. These are former and current professional tennis players trained to support the development of the young people through delivering visits that inspire and nurture students aspirations. The mentors share their stories of how they achieved success, teach tennis skills and deliver classroom based workshops that focus on employability skills (specifically personal, social, creative and thinking skills).

The Tennis Mentor delivers 3 half-day visits over a term and following this the project group will plan, organise and deliver a tennis project for other young people in their school or community (where possible creating a link with their local tennis club).

For more information about the LTA Youth Schools programme visit www.lta.org.uk/schools

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