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December 2021


Welcome to the December Newsletter.

I hope that your planning has been progressing well and that and activity is starting to come together as you anticipated. It’s been fantastic to hear what so many of you have been up to. Thank you also to those of you who joined and contributed to the informal connect earlier this week. I hope you continue to find these sessions helpful.

When the Christmas holidays arrive, have a wonderful Christmas Break and a restful New Year, thank you as always for your continued hard work. I look forward to connecting with you to continue your great work in the new year.  

You’ll find key actions, updates, and resources below.


Termly Data Collection

Termly data collection for the Autumn term closes on the 17 December, please ensure that you have completed TDC even if you don’t have any data to input at this time (please put 0’s). By completing the TDC it gives us a clear indication of where each lead is at with delivery to help us support you. Please note any leads that don’t complete TDC will not receive funding in January.

For any leads that are working to support the Step into Sport Inclusive Leadership events as your chosen focus, you will not have received questions within your link. The questions connected to your KPIs are included within the Lead Inclusion Schools section to avoid duplication. They will receive the following questions:

  • Number of additional schools did the LCV recruit to be engaged in the programme
  • Number of young people attended from the schools the LCV recruited
  • How many new exit routes for young people did the LCV identify and support a relationship with?

Please liaise with the Inclusion lead to agree on what data will be provided. Please let me know if you have any concerns or issues with this. Any lead schools who have not selected Girls as Coaches, but still delivering, please do still provide us with any information if you have this to help capture our reach and impact as a network.

Baseline Surveys

A reminder for all those taking part in the Girls as Coaches programme, please ensure your young coaches complete the baseline survey before your programme commences. This will help us measure impact on social, emotional, and physical wellbeing as we did last year. You’ll have received a unique link for your LCV so we can pull out the data specifically for your area at the end of the programme. If you are unable to find this link or don’t believe you have one, please contact Martin as soon as possible.


Informal Connect

A recording of the informal connect is available to watch back on the LCV Teams Channel. Please view it if you would find this useful. Please do continue to use the channel to share practice and liaise with one another.


A guide to the PE and sport premium for primary schools 2021/22 - Education Executive

The DfE has updated its guidance on how much PE and sport premium funding schools receive and given advice on how it should be spent.

New schools programme promotes physical and mental benefits of golf to youngsters - Golf Retailing

The Golf Foundation is launching a new plan that aims to excite teachers, children and local PGA Professional coaches in a significant shift to high quality coaching in primary schools. This can grow the game, while the wider benefits of golf can help the physical and mental wellbeing of more young people at an important time nationally.

10-a-side, age limits scrapped, and smaller balls - amateur rugby set for biggest ever shake-up - Telegraph

Exclusive: World Rugby will announce a total of 10 new optional variations for the community game to come into force from January.

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