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April 2022


Welcome to the April Newsletter. We hope you all had restful Easter breaks and are ready for the start of the summer term to commence. You’ll find key actions, updates, and resources below.


Request for Case Studies

We are continuing our search for case studies from our LCV Leads. We would be grateful for the contribution of leads who would be willing to interview some of your long-standing LCV graduates. You would be provided with materials and questions to ask, and would need to submit these to us via email or via audio recording. Ideally, the girls would have taken part in the programme 2-3 years ago. Any case studies produced would be made available for you to use for promotional purposes (with permission from the individuals).

We would be grateful if anyone who would be willing to take part could come forward. Please email Martin ([email protected]).  

Termly Data Collection

A small number of LCV schools did not complete the Spring Termly Data Collection. This reporting is really important to enable us to provide information to Sport England from our activity up until the end of March. If you did not complete it, please expect a phone call in the coming weeks asking for an update on your activity. Alternatively, please send through your data via email to us as soon as possible. Activity can continue into the summer term, but we require an update for everything up until this point.


April-July LCV Update

As referenced previously, an LCV Network update will be posted to the Microsoft Teams channel for you to view at the end of this week. This short video will provide information about what we would like you to continue doing across the summer term as part of your LCV role. If you have any problems accessing the Teams channel, please let us know.


Registrations for National School Sports Week 2022 now open - Youth Sport Trust

Taking place from Monday 20-Sunday 26 June 2022, we’re campaigning to ensure there is a place for every young person to belong in school sport. Join us on our mission to guarantee there is a role for every young person in a school sports day this summer.

Youth Sport Trust guide to the Government's SEND Green Paper - Youth Sport Trust

Vicci Wells, Youth Sport Trust Head of Sport and SEND Inclusion, provides a round up on the release of the Government’s SEND and AP Green Paper.

Schools to get uniform and sports advice over transgender pupils - The Times

Head teachers are to be told what uniform transgender pupils should wear and whether they can join single-sex school sports teams.

Schools White Paper 'a missed opportunity' to recognise crucial role of play and sport - Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust and its Headteacher Ambassadors have responded to the Government’s new Schools White Paper, following its publication on Monday 28 March 2022 by the Department for Education.

Classic playground games like tag, leapfrog, and rounders on verge of extinction - i

Study warns that a combination of screen use, loss of suitable play areas and anxiety about leaving children alone means they are playing traditional games much less often.

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