Charity welcomes new funding for school sport facilities

The sports facilities funding will be distributed through Sport England and their county level networks, Active Partnerships, who will work with local schools to identify who are most in need. Schools in disadvantaged areas, or areas with high inactivity among children, will also be given the opportunity to bid for funding.

The Youth Sport Trust responds to the launch of the first phase of the Prime Minister’s transformative school rebuilding programme and more than £10 million invested to support school sports and swimming facilities in England, distributed through Sport England.

Alison Oliver MBE, Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust, said:

“Getting young people active again and playing sport will be essential to the national effort to help them recover. It is really encouraging that this school capital investment will include funding to help improve young people’s access to sport. We particularly welcome the opportunity for schools to invest in equipment to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

The additional support to open up school sport facilities outside the school day is a welcome step towards what should become a national guarantee of after school sport for every child. It is absolutely right that areas of deprivation and where levels of physical activity are lowest should be prioritised.

To truly help a generation in need of our support, we believe there needs to be a long-term national plan to tackle inactivity and recover young people’s wellbeing. This should be built around a national ambition for our young people to be the happiest and most active in the world.

“This should start with a national recovery term when young people return to school characterised by active schools, time outdoors and a greater focus on Physical Education and sport. After the toll the last year has taken on young people’s wellbeing, the life-changing benefits of sport and play have never been needed more.”

Published on 5 February 2021