Charity welcomes major review of Women's football

Today former England and Great Britain footballer turned pundit Karen Carney MBE published her major independent review into the future of domestic women’s football.

The review makes 10 key recommendations including the need for Government to deliver on the recent commitments around equal access to school sports for girls. You can read the recommendations in full here.

In responding to the review Chief Executive of the Youth Sport Trust Ali Oliver said;

The Youth Sport Trust is a charity that works to ensure every child can access the benefits of play and sport in education, we therefore welcome the recommendations made by Karen Carney within the government review of Women’s Football. The stubborn and persistent gap in participation between girls and boys has been driven by inequality in all aspects of women’s sport from access and participation to profile and recognition. The repeated message this gives to young women and girls is sport is not a place where they belong.

For the past 4 years, the Youth Sport Trust has worked alongside The FA to deliver the Barclays Girls' Football School Partnerships programme, which is focused on ensuring all schools within England offer girls equal access to football. Boosted by the passionate fight of the England Women, the percentage of schools providing access and opportunity for girls to play football has dramatically improved showing what’s possible, and revealing a huge demand which is excellent news for overall physical activity levels and participation in sport. However, as highlighted by this review, we are aware of just how much there is still to do. 

We will continue our work to ensure ALL schools are offering equal access to football, and support other male dominated sports which are also addressing this challenge too. We are committed to ensuring, in future, no child misses out on participating in sport because of their gender.’

Published on 13 July 2023