Jon from Teach Active talks NSSW and his own childhood sports days

Jon Smedley from Teach Active talks about NSSW and his own sports day experiences.

How long have you been a supporter of YST?

As a teacher and LA PE Advisor I started attending YST Conferences back in 2006. Sue Campbell inspired me at a conference and I’ve never looked back! When setting up Teach Active in 2014 YST were the natural fit and partner and we are delighted that we have worked in partnership with them for the past 7 years – and done some incredible work together.

Why do you think National School Sport Week is such a great campaign to take part in?

It brings schools together around one main theme and one main key message. It is fantastic to know that thousands of schools and teachers are working together for a single week – working together to showcase the impact of physical activity. NSSW in my experience is a fun week which children love and benefits from the wide range of activities put on by their school. Hopefully it allows us to showcase to schools that there should be a little bit of NSSW in every week!

What’s your favourite memory from sports day when you were at school?

Simply put - I loved it. Outside, competing, taking part in a variety of sports. Working as a team and cheering your form group on. Without doubt one of the highlights of the year!

What sports day activity were you best/worst at?

My main sports growing up were football and tennis. Not seen on Sports Day – but I was happy taking part in any activity. Long jump and 1500m were ‘my races’. My ‘worst’ – well sprinting wasn’t my forte – Usain Bolt certainly had nothing to worry about.

Did you ever win a sports day event when you were at school? Which one? (Be honest!)

I won the long jump and 1500m. 

Will you be taking part in any NSSW activities in the office, at home or in the community?

What a great idea – I will now. We have been known to play ‘Office Golf’ – so I will start to think of some Sports Day activities (does first one to make Jon a brew count?)

If you had to choose a well-known sports person to partner you in a three-legged race, who would it be and why?

I’d go for Peter Crouch. Long legs to help me win. If not, we’d have a great laugh (I love his podcast!)

Published on 25 May 2021