Dear Teacher... thank you

Wednesday 21 June 2023 marks National Thank a Teacher Day and we want to take this opportunity to recognise all the amazing work you do.

Dear Teacher,

Your commitment to improving the quality of PE and school sport provision is making a real difference to the lives of young people whose childhood is enriched immeasurably by the time and energy you spend on planning and delivering so many curricular and extra-curricular activities. Through your actions, all these young people experience the positive impact physical activity and sport can have, including increased confidence, better mental health and improved physical literacy.

In 2022 the Youth Sport Trust launched a new strategy, consisting of three main objectives which we believe are vital to the wellbeing of the nation:

  1. Urgent action - Build back healthier, happier and more resilient young people and level the playing field for those most disadvantaged
  2. Generational shift - To balance the demands of the digital age through the human connection of physical play and sport
  3. Societal change - Transform society's perceptions and attitudes towards the importance of physical literacy, play and sport in the education and development of young people.

It is only with your help and dedication that we will be able to deliver on this mission, but we do understand that teachers and schools are under increasing pressure. This makes your effort and achievements all the more impressive.

With our sincere thanks once again for all that you are doing.

Best wishes,
Youth Sport Trust

Published on 21 June 2023