David from Complete PE talks NSSW and his own childhood sports days

David Rock from Complete PE talks about NSSW and his own sports day experiences.

How long have you been a supporter of YST?

Complete P.E. have worked in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust since 2017.  

Why do you think National School Sport Week is such a great campaign to take part in?

National School Sport Week is a great campaign to be involved in as it tries to unite ‘everyone’ through sport and physical activity.

What’s your favourite memory from sports day when you were at school?

My favourite memory from sports day was watching my mum and dad take part in the parent races! I will never forget my dad trying ‘psych’ the other dads out (this is our competitive side) only for him to finish last! 

What sports day activity were you best/worst at?

In primary school I was the good at the 'obstacle course’ - this involved eating a dry cracker, which most of the other children seem to struggle with. In secondary school I wasn’t overly keen on being entered into any long-distance race - I always persevered and manage to finish the race though! 

Did you ever win a sports day event when you were at school? Which one? (Be honest!)

In primary school I remember wining the 'obstacle course' (on several occasions), 'relay races' (it was great to be part of a team) and the 'Wellington Boot Throw' (yes that classic event). In secondary school, let’s just say athletics wasn’t my forte! 

Will you be taking part in any NSSW activities in the office, at home or in the community?

We will be taking part in NSSW week and promoting NSSW too! Our team are quite competitive, so whatever activity we choose will need to be fun, inclusive but competitive too.

If you had to choose a well-known sports person to partner you in a three-legged race, who would it be and why?

Andrew Flintoff (cricketer). Why… He seems like someone who won’t take it too seriously and would therefore be fun, but at the same time is a sports person so he would be competitive and want to do well. We would end up falling over anyway!

Published on 26 May 2021