The Big Ambition

The Youth Sport Trust comments on the The Big Ambition, a survey carried out by the Children’s Commissioner between September 2023 and January 2024

The Children's Commissioner's Big Ambition report published today shows this generation of children and young people are crying out for change. The Youth Sport Trust strongly believes that increasing levels of physical activity is integral to developing a generation who are happier, healthier and more successful and we are proud that members of our Youth Board contributed to this important report.

Commenting on the Big Ambition report, Ali Oliver, CEO of the Youth Sport Trust said:

 "Every child should be supported to be active for 60 minutes a day, as recommended by the UK's Chief Medical Officers, and schools are well placed to deliver on this ambition through PE and school sport. We are delighted to see this reiterated within the Big Ambition and we echo the Children's Commissioner's call for all children to have access to an expanded out of school offer. This should include guaranteed sport, working with children and young people to provide a wide range of activities so everyone has the opportunity to find something they love. The impact of this would be increased by further opening up access to existing facilities to deliver more opportunities for physical activity, especially in areas where participation rates are lower.

 "We are also pleased to see proposals to deliver places and spaces to play, supported by a national play strategy. It is deeply concerning that only half (54%) of 17-year-olds agree they have fun activities to do near where they live, and there is a clear need to protect and increase opportunities for play and physical activity in every community whilst increasing awareness of opportunities. This is important to improve provision now, but to also shape active communities for future generations.

 "Assessing how new policies and legislation will affect children and young people can help ensure their needs are prioritised in politics, and as a youth-led charity we wholeheartedly echo proposals that aim to embed youth voice within policy making and delivery. The Big Ambition provides a number of ways to engage young people and government and politicians should heed their call to empower this generation.

 "This report and the 33 ambitions outlined within it are hugely important contributions to the political debate ahead of the general election. The Children's Commissioner and the thousands of children who have contributed, have set out a vision with a clarity of purpose. The Youth Sport Trust stands ready to work alongside partners to make sure we capitalise on the role physical activity can play in helping children and young people achieve their ambitions and build a brighter future."

Published on 25 March 2024