Summary of the Reform Party Manifesto

With the General Election moving closer each day, political parties are releasing their manifestos, putting forward their vision of what they aspire to deliver if they form the next government.

Our fifth and final manifesto review takes a look at the proposals put forward by Reform UK, now under the leadership of Nigel Farage.

To improve children’s wellbeing and tackle issues including eating disorders, anxiety, depression, suicide and the mental health crisis, Reform UK proposes the promotion of child friendly, app-restricted smartphones. Alongside this, under a Reform UK government there would be an inquiry into the harms caused by social media, aligned to a commitment to review the Online Safety Bill. Elsewhere, the party wants to reopen High Intensity Training Camps for young people, with an ambition to teach basic education, teamwork and values to help tackle youth crime. 

Published on 19 June 2024