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The work of the Youth Sport Trust is insight led. We use compelling research and evidence to provide evidence of need and demonstrate the power of PE, sport and physical activity to transform the health, happiness and wellbeing of young people.

Work with our Research team:

  • Collaborate with us - we work with other organisation to help extend the reach and focus of our work
  • Commission us - we deliver bespoke research services for other organisations who are looking to conduct work which aligns with our mutual goals
  • Latest Opportunities - we regularly invite proposals from researchers via open tender to help us evaluate our programmes.
    • School Games Mark Validation Research Brief (£160k), EOI by 29 September, deadline 17 October 2023, click here
    • Competition Formats Research Brief (£10k), deadline 15 September, click here

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PE & School Sport: The Annual Report 2023

This report outlines the issues facing young people and the current state of PE, sport and play in schools.

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26 Oct 2021

PE, Sport and Physical Activity Survey

In the summer term of the 2020/21 academic year, the Youth Sport Trust (YST) in partnership with Limitless, delivered a research project to explore young people’s attitudes to PE, school sport and physical activity in the independent school sector.

06 Oct 2021

Active Recovery Curriculum

Research shows how physical activity can achieve positive outcomes for children after Covid-19.

21 Sep 2021

Asian Girls Insight Research

This research formed part of the work funded by The Football Association to provide a better understanding of the specific demographic of Asian girls.

17 Sep 2021

Sustaining and Embedding Healthy Movers in West Somerset Early Years settings

The Youth Sport Trust (YST) has been working in partnership with Somerset County Council to roll out Healthy Movers, a physical literacy intervention, to pre-schools and nurseries in West Somerset.

15 Sep 2021

The Class of 2035

How sport can empower a generation to build a brighter tomorrow.

25 Aug 2021

West Somerset Healthy Movers Case Studies

Healthy Movers aims to increase children’s self esteem and wellbeing, and develop their physical literacy skills, which all help children gain a better start to their life.

02 Aug 2021

Healthy Lifestyle Champions

This report summarises the independent external evaluation of the Healthy Lifestyle Champions programme conducted by spear.

02 Aug 2021

Girls Active Insight and Impact Report 2020-21

This report evaluates the Youth Sport Trust's Girls Active programme for 2020-21.

02 Aug 2021

Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering Programme 2020-2021

This report summarises the independent evaluation of the programme that was conducted by Free Thought Research in the academic year 2020-21.  

01 Jul 2021

Girls Active Secondary National Report 2020-21

This report summarises responses to the Girls Active Pre-Intervention Questionnaire that female pupils completed between November 2020 and May 2021.

01 Jul 2021

Girls Active Primary National Report 2020-21

This report summarises responses to the Girls Active Pre-Intervention Questionnaire that female pupils completed between December 2020 and May 2021.

01 Mar 2021

Wellbeing Survey

The wellbeing of children at school continues to be a top priority for parents with 2/3 of parents (64%) believe that the wellbeing of pupils is more important than their academic attainment.