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Children return to PE with low levels of physical fitness

New research released today by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust has recorded teacher’s accounts of what a return to PE and sport in schools across the UK looks like following six months of closures.
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Wellbeing and location most important factors for parents choosing a school

Wellbeing is the most important issue for secondary school parents when choosing a school for their children, new research published today shows.
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Two primary school aged children wearing red Youth Sport Trust tshirts while smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera.

BLOG: Three easy ways to transform young lives as you shop this term

As a national children’s charity, we believe in the power of sport to transform young lives. We’re passionate about the...
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A young person talking to his peers.

BLOG: The experiences of young leaders during lockdown

This week is UK Coaching Week 2020. As part of Youth Sport Trust's celebration of the week, this blog post turns to the future and reveals the findings of a unique study we conducted with over 45 young leaders, coaches and volunteers.
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Youth Sport Trust launches new partnership with Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting retailer

The Youth Sport Trust is delighted to announce a new partnership with Decathlon, the world’s largest sporting retailer, ahead of the 2020/21 academic year.
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BLOG: My Week - Russell Cartwright

Read about the working week of one of our Development Managers, Russell Cartwright, in our new bi-monthly series, My Week.
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BLOG: How we are using Bollywood dancing to improve wellbeing

Children now known as generation lockdown have reported feeling stressed, worried and lonely. Ben Levinson, head teacher at Kensington Primary School in London, blogs for YST.
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Sport and PE vital to wellbeing when schools return

Children's charity welcomes Government's Wellbeing for Education Return programme. It will be supporting schools to drive improvements in wellbeing for all teachers, senior leaders and young people.
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BLOG: Social research during COVID-19

Our Research and Insight team discuss the opportunities and challenges of social research during the pandemic.
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BLOG: How can we help children stay motivated to move this summer?

Play Day. A national day to have fun, yes, but deeper than that it highlights a child’s basic right and need to play, blogs Chris Wright to mark the national awareness day on 5 August.
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Dr Radha joins charity to champion sport as tool for wellbeing

Broadcaster, doctor and campaigner, Dr Radha Modgil is donning her trainers and championing the role of sport and physical activity for young people’s wellbeing.
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Charity responds to new strategy on obesity

The Youth Sport Trust has welcomed the Government’s commitment to improving the nation’s health as it launches new strategy and ‘Better Health’ campaign.
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