Secondary (KS4) PE Activities

Each #ThisIsPE secondary PE activity comes with a downloadable learning card outlining what space and equipment is needed, personal and physical learning outcomes, guidance on adapting the activity to make it harder or easier and some questions to consider.

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All activities can be done at home and with household objects. All videos have been filmed by current secondary PE teachers who are part of the Youth Sport Trust Secondary PE CatalYST network.

Download and share the activity cards by clicking the download button above. You can also access the video by selecting the video link next to each activity.




  • Overarm throw     (Video)
  • Underarm throw     (Video)


  • Creating a competitive warm-up     (Video)
  • Adapting a game using space     (Video)
  • Adapting a game using equipment     (Video)
  • Adapting a game using tasks     (Video)
  • Adapting a game using time     (Video)
  • Adapting a game using people     (Video)
  • Using technology when leading an activity     (Video)


  • Catching     (Video)
  • Chasing and retrieval     (Video)
  • Different types of bowl     (Video)
  • Intercepting and returning the ball     (Video)
  • Directional batting     (Video)


  • Forehand stroke     (Video)
  • Backhand stroke     (Video)
  • Volley     (Video)
  • Serve     (Video)
  • Lob     (Video)
  • Smash     (Video)
  • Spatial awareness     (Video)


  • The dig pass     (Video)
  • Volley / set     (Video)
  • Spike     (Video)
  • Spike 2     (Video)
  • Overarm serve     (Video)
  • Introduction to blocking     (Video)