Primary PE Activities

Whether you’re a teacher in school, teaching remotely, or a parent or carer supporting home learning, here you will find our free PE, physical activity, sport and wellbeing resources.

Free Resource


The following activities, created in partnership with Complete PE to cover all PE curriculum areas. Whether you’re a teacher in school or teaching PE remotely, or a parent or carer supporting PE home learning, they can be used to generate ideas for lessons.

Download and share the activity cards by clicking the download button above. You can also access the video by selecting the video link next to each activity. View all videos in playlist format here.


New for 2021

  • Colour Combination     (Video)
  • Inside Out     (Video)
  • Kitchen Curling     (Video)
  • Obstacle Course     (Video)
  • Table Tennis     (Video)

Updated for 2021


  • Standing Long Jump     (Video)
  • Standing Long Jump Level 2     (Video)


  • Animal Moves     (Video)
  • Move to the Beat     (Video)
  • Move to the Beat Extravaganza     (Video)
  • Space Adventure     (Video)


  • Avoid the Defenders     (Video)
  • Battleships     (Video)
  • Battleships Level 2     (Video)
  • Blast off     (Video)
  • Bowling     (Video)
  • Climb the Ladder     (Video)
  • Continuous Battleships     (Video)
  • Golf Rolling     (Video)
  • In the Box     (Video)
  • Right Way, Wrong Way     (Video)
  • Right Way, Wrong Way - The Race     (Video)
  • Rolling Penalties     (Video)
  • Space Monsters     (Video)
  • Target Treasure     (Video)    
  • Three in a Row     (Video)    
  • Throw Tennis     (Video)
  • Top Ten     (Video)


  • Balance Time    (Video)
  • Jumping Dice     (Video)     
  • Sequence Champions     (Video)
  • Ship Shape     (Video)

Health Related Exercises

  • Circuits 1 - Feeling Flexible     (Video)
  • Circuits 2 - Healthy Hearts     (Video)
  • Circuits 3 - Super Strength     (Video)


  • Boccia     (Video)    


  • Keep on the Move     (Video)
  • Treasure Chest     (Video)
  • Wacky Races     (Video)

Outdoor and Adventure

  • Cross the River     (Video)
  • Noughts and Crosses     (Video)
  • Race Across the River     (Video)
  • Save the Treasure     (Video)
  • Target Treasure Level 2     (Video)
  • The Blue Egg     (Video)