Change4Life Resources

These activity cards have been used by over 10,500 schools across the country and can be adapted and used across your school day to suit the needs of young people.

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Change4Life Sports Clubs have been designed around a clear need to increase physical activity levels in less active children by developing a new type of sports club. We want to create an inspirational environment to engage less active young people so that over time they start to take part in school sport and carry on with lifelong physical activity. 

The following activity cards are included in this resource pack:


  • Bullseye
  • Down the chute
  • Flight path
  • Hit the targets
  • Hot shots
  • Hunt 'n' grab
  • Jack high
  • Journey round the body
  • Lunge for it
  • Not in my backyard
  • Reaction time
  • Target golf
  • Team target
  • Throwmania