Invitation to schools to join pan European to boost healthy active lifestyles

There are 20 places up for grabs for schools in England to join the second phase of a successful pan European project which aims to increase regular physical activity through a series of monthly challenges.

The Moving School Challenger (MSC) Programme set a target of 3 million healthy kilometres to be achieved in its first year. We are proud to report that an astonishing 18 million healthy kilometres were achieved during the pilot project across 7 different countries, including the UK. 

Findings show:

  • Students have increased their levels of physical activity whilst reducing screen time
  • Students have improved their self-perception of its general fitness
  • Slight improvements in the quality of the diet after the intervention.

A huge thank you to those UK schools that helped with these achievements!

The MSC programme continues for a second year starting September 2024. If your school is interested in joining the movement email [email protected] to find out more!

The Moving Schools Challenger project is supported by the EU Erasmus+ programme and the partners are Desporte para la Educación y la Salud (lead coordinator), Youth Sport Trust International (UK), L’orma (Italy), V4Sport (Poland), ISCA (Denmark), University of Madrid (Spain), EUPEA (Luxemburg) and BG Be Active (Bulgaria).

Co-funded by the EU and Erasmus