Otto Chilton

Otto is a member of the Youth Sport Trust Youth Board. Positioned at the heart of our organisation, our Youth Board represents and communicates the views of all young people to inform and enhance our work.

Otto Chilton - Youth Board Member


Tell us about what do you currently do?
Having finished my A-levels I needed a break from education, I am currently on a gap year where I'm bike training and racing as my primary focus. Alongside this I work part time as a mechanic in a second-hand bike shop, delivering adults cyclocross skills sessions at my local cycling club and of course I volunteer for the YST as part of their youth board. In this year I want to see what doors I can open through my cycling and YST work and more importantly enjoy the process of doing so. Academically I’m looking forward to studying mathematics at the University of Leeds.

Tell us about your sporting background?
Cycling has always been my sport, I’ve ridden all sorts of bikes from a young age and started competing on the cyclo-cross and mountain bike from the age of seven. For me cycling has always been about the enjoyment, as I’ve grown in the sport I’ve found the escape and freedom it provides. Today I race on the road and cyclo-cross and find the thrill of racing hard and enjoy pushing the limits.

Early on I learned the ethos of “my sport, my responsibility,” this has had a strong influence on me throughout my cycling development and I’ve taken this approach in all areas of my sport including training, nutrition and maintenance.

Outside of cycling I enjoy several other sports recreationally - when time allows - including skiing, climbing, kite buggying and generally anything that involves being outdoors.

What is your particular area of interest when it comes to accessing sport?
I am especially interested in young people’s involvement in all roles within sport whether it be elite performance, coaching or event organization. This way we can limit the number of barriers to accessing sport and ensure that all can find their place.

Why did you want to become a member of the Youth Board?Prior to joining the youth board, I had a limited awareness of the Youth Sport Trust and the expanse of their work, it was through an advertisement on social media that I became aware of this opportunity. Through my position on the youth board, I share my experiences, knowledge and thoughts on sport and want give back to the sporting community that gave so much to me. I hope that through this work we can ensure that all young people can experience the benefits of physical activity as I have.

If you could change one thing about sport or physical activity for young people, what would that be?
Sport isn’t just about the elite performers, there are so many other key roles to mean that every person should find a place in the sporting world without barrier or restriction.

A personal impairment, whether it be a physical or mental barrier, should not exclude them from physical activity, sport is meant to be open, accessible and inclusive.

Youth does not imply inexperience or immaturity and for that reason should not pose a barrier to involvement in all roles within sport.

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself.    
I am oft renowned for experimenting with different spices and flavour combinations in the kitchen to varying levels of success.