Lewis Stewart

Lewis is a member of the Youth Sport Trust Youth Board. Positioned at the heart of our organisation, our Youth Board represents and communicates the views of all young people to inform and enhance our work.

Lewis Stewart Youth Board Member


Tell us about what do you currently do? 
I am currently undertaking a degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Strathclyde. Whilst doing my studies I work for an engineering company in business development and I'm training again to get back into elite cycling after taking a break for 18 months.

I also volunteer at my local track cycling club and do commentary work for track cycling events with the UCI.

Tell us about your sporting background?
I was a professional cyclist with the Great Britain Cycling Team for five years after leaving school. I raced Olympic disciplines as a solo athlete and as a tandem pilot for the Paralympics. My career highlights are winning World and Commonwealth gold and getting a silver medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.

I have also helped build a community track cycling club in Glasgow. The club was built on shared values and a strong culture of hard work, togetherness, and passion. We experienced remarkable growth, attracting nearly fifty members who come together to train, compete, and support each other in the pursuit of their personal sporting aspirations as well as their enjoyment.

What is your particular area of interest when it comes to accessing sport?
We are very lucky on this board to have lots of incredibly talented individuals with huge amounts of experience in improving the life of young people through sport. I know that they have a lot more hands-on experience than I do in that respect but I have worked for a number of years commercialising products and businesses and I want to combine my history in sport and business to obtain more funding for the amazing programmes designed by the Youth Sport Trust.

Why did you want to become a member of the Youth Board?
As cliched as it is, you rarely have the opportunity to enact positive change on a macroscale and I felt through the opportunity of the Youth Board I would have a chance to do that.

If you could change one thing about sport or physical activity for young people, what would that be?
Parental education. I think a lot of the time the main barrier to sport is lack of understanding of the benefits or not fully realising the need for young people to participate for their own development. It's key to start getting involved early and most of the time the parents have to make the first step and see what opportunities are there for their children.

From speaking to schools it was a consistent theme that they struggle to convince parents to allow their children to participate in a lot of the sporting opportunities they offer. I'd like the benefits of sport to be better understood for the nation as a whole.

Tell us a fun or interesting fact about yourself.    
I am scared of baths!