Abhishna Yograjan

Abhishna is a member of the Youth Sport Trust Youth Board. Positioned at the heart of our organisation, our Youth Board represents and communicates the views of all young people to inform and enhance our work.


Sport was always a safe space for me. I was never super involved in a specific sport or had a favorite team, I had just enjoyed sport because it was fun. It became a place where I could let all of my stress and negative feelings out and have fun at the same time. I liked my PE lessons the most growing up but I only started to really involve myself in sport in high school. I picked PE as my GCSE and A Level subject, and joined almost every sports club that I could. I started learning about sports leadership in year 9 and learned how to lead various ages and people since then. It really helped me to build my confidence in public speaking and see another side to sport that wasn’t just playing games in PE or in after school clubs. Leading sports for young people was something that I really enjoyed. It was a great opportunity to give young people the chance to learn a new game or sport, have fun, and maybe take it back to their schools to teach their peers how to play. I really saw the impact that sport could have when I was leading a Girls Club in my school for Year 5 and Year 6 girls.They had said that they tried playing one of the games that we had taught them in their playground and taught others how to play it. It was a really rewarding feeling to see that and realize that I had a small part in that. I love sport and really enjoy being able to share my love for it with others. I want to show young girls that sport can make you feel strong and it doesn't matter where you come from or what your background is.