Our Youth Board

Positioned at the heart of our organisation, our Youth Board represents and communicates the views of all young people to inform and enhance our work.

Our Youth Board aims to give a voice to young people from every corner of society. It has three main areas of responsibility:

  • Advisory - advise on the direction of our work and how to best engage with young people
  • Development – inform, influence and engage with the Youth Sport Trust so that we do the best we can for all young people
  • Communications - showcase the work of the Youth Sport Trust through key communication channels.

You can find out more about the current members of our Youth Board below.

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YST Awards Dinner 2022

Our chair addressing the fantastic winners at the awards dinner.

Lipa Nessa

Anastasia sharing her sporting journey at the awards dinner

Anastastia Blease

The youth board met with the Commissioner for Children to share our stories and hopes for the future

Meet our Youth Board

YST Conference 2022

At our stall we discussed how delegate's use youth voice to shape their PE offer at their workplace

Meet our Youth Board

We used our 'pasta poll' to start discussions on how delegates currently hear youth voice.

Meet our Youth Board

We wanted to find out more about what people wanted to offer in their school

Meet our Youth Board

Include Conference 2022

Lipa and Katie spoke at the Include conference on the importance of youth voice

Meet our Youth Board

Lipa spoke with Judy Murray about women in sport

Lipa Nessa

Lipa, Katie and Elodie spoke with Denise Lewis about young women's voices in sport

Meet our Youth Board

Katie Allen,


Anastasia Blease,


Jemima Browning,


Otto Chilton,


Elodie Fleet,


Keziah Gilbert,


Chloe Jordan,


Jess Lonnen,


Kieran Matthews,


Lipa Nessa,


Abhishna Yogarajan,


Dylan Conti,