About us

The Youth Sport Trust is an independent charity devoted to changing young people's lives through sport. Established in 1994, we are passionate about helping all young people to achieve their full potential in life by delivering high quality physical education and sport opportunities.

We work to:

  • give every child a sporting start in life through high quality PE and sport in primary schools;
  • ensure all young people have a sporting chance by developing opportunities for those with special educational needs and disabilities; and
  • support all young people to achieve their sporting best in school and their personal best in life.

Our values, which are built on trust, integrity, working in partnership and responsibility, run across all of our work - be that with schools, our corporate partners, government, sporting organisations and, most importantly, young people.

Using the power of PE and sport in an international context, the Youth Sport Trust strives to increase the opportunities that all young people have to learn through PE and sport and to realise their potential in a global society. We foster international relationships to enhance and extend the quality and breadth of our development work in PE and sport: creating international opportunities for young people, seeking best practice to transform school sport and gaining enhanced international understanding which will inform how we engage diverse ethnic minority groups in the UK context.

The Youth Sport Trust has driven many of the improvements over the last decade in PE and school sport and is continuously looking at new ways to inspire young people to participate, compete, volunteer and officiate in sport. 

To view the latest updates regarding the National Curriculum for PE, please click here.

A bit more about us

Our working environment very much reflects our values and mission, we support our employees to lead healthy and active lifestyles to encourage lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. We offer financial support towards healthy activities and aim to provide a working environment that motivates and enables people to be active. One way of evidencing the benefits of this is by measuring sickness absence and we are pleased to report that only 0.6 per cent of working time was lost due to absence last year! If you are interested in working for Youth Sport Trust, please visit our jobs section for further information.