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By Mid-August you will be able to filter by school stage and specific issue that you would like to address. We offer innovative resources and original programmes to ensure we are equipping schools with the tools they need to encourage young people to lead, and benefit from, healthy and active lifestyles.

YST Ability, young female and male in wheelchairs, sports hall environment

YST Ability

Help us to make PE and sport inclusive for all young people.
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YST Achieve, young male official keeping score

YST Achieve

Give every student the opportunity to realise their academic and personal best.
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YST Home, young family running and having fun

YST Home

Let’s support all families to be active together. New programmes coming soon...
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YST Inspire, Olympic Gold Medallist Alex Danson celebrating

YST Inspire

Elite athletes transforming young people’s aspirations.
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YST Leaders, young female leader addressing a small group

Youth leadership

We aim to improve the leadership skills of all children and young people through the power of PE and school sport.
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YST Sport, young male lane swimming

YST Sport

Join us in striving for the best quality sport experience for all young people.
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YST Well, young people running and happy

YST Well

Let’s give all young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential through a happy and active life.
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