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Thank you for working with us in your role as a Headteacher Ambassador.

The following message is from Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive, Ali Oliver:

"The Youth Sport Trust (YST) is a charity with a simple mission: to build a brighter future for young people through sport. To make the difference we want to, we need mission leaders - particularly in education. School leaders are fundamental to the place, quality and role of Physical Education, daily Physical Activity and inclusive School Sport and we know the best influencers in any system are people working within it. We are therefore privileged to work with a network of Youth Sport Trust Headteacher Ambassadors who are both champions for the place of sport in the education and development of young people, and who understand the raising standard the power of sport as a strategic intervention which can contribute to pupil progress, attendance, behaviour and school improvement.

"Headteacher Ambassadors are Heads of Youth Sport Trust Member Schools invited by YST Regional Managers to join the movement but we always welcome expressions of interest from Heads within our network. The role of the YST Headteacher Ambassador is threefold: to Champion, to Advocate and to Influence. However, each Head executes these roles in a different way with some being a proactive voice in Headteacher Association networks, others have played an essential role in influencing and advising other networks beyond education (such as public health or community sport) on how best to work with schools, while others again have established local Headteacher forums and alliances to support the strategic planning and implementation of government and other investment.

"In the spirit of peer influencing and peer support the YST Headteacher network is led by former Heads who work closely with Headteacher Ambassadors to ensure they are supported with the right evidence base, policy briefings and networking opportunities to aid their own professional development as well as helping them be the most powerful ambassador the work and impact of the Youth Sport Trust.

"At present, our Lead Headteacher Ambassadors are Marie Hunter, Rob Kitching and John Martin. They can be contacted by emailing headteacherambassadors@youthsporttrust.org."

Headteacher Ambassador Toolkit

This toolkit will assist HTA to carry out their role as Headteacher Ambassadors - a selection of ‘Powerpoint’ slides that can be personalised for a variety of audiences and purposes.
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The Headteacher Ambassador Network

Find out where the other HTAs are and who your local Development Manager is.
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Headteacher Ambassador Events

Read about the most recent Headteacher event and learn about the next opportunity to engage with the Headteacher Ambassador network.
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Secondary PE Research

Hear from Youth Sport Trust's Schools Network Director, Stuart Kay, as he highlights recent media coverage and key reading material around the subject of Secondary PE.
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Useful Documents and Case Studies

Please click on any of the links provided on this page to access key Youth Sport Trust content and a number of case studies on ongoing work.
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Headteacher Alliances

Over recent years we have seen the growth of local Headteacher Alliances, groups of strong school leaders working together with the express purpose of promoting high quality education, sport and health provision in their local area.
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