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Volunteering in school sport

An opportunity to develop the next generation of volunteers in sport.
How we work - Solutions - Volunteering in school sport

The School Games is a great opportunity to develop the next generation of volunteers in sport. Through undertaking meaningful roles in the organisation and delivery of school and community sport, young people will develop important life skills, confidence and competence.

Level 1

All schools are encouraged to develop School Sport Organising Crews (primary) and School Sport Organising Committees (secondary). These are groups of young people who lead the planning and delivery of school sport clubs and intra-school competition programmes in their school.

They will influence and shape the school sport offer for their peers through deciding on the types of competitions, their structure and where and when they take place, making it more attractive and accessible for all young people.

To support the development of SSOCs in your school a number of resources are available which will help to bring structure and activities to their role that your committee can work on with minimal supervision from a teacher. Resources are being developed further in 2015/16. 

The training materials you can download include:
  • Teachers guidance documents
  • Advice and guidance for the SSOCs on:
  • Surveying and fact finding
  • Marketing and promoting the School Games
  • Public speaking and presentation skills

Download now

Level 2

Each SGO area is encouraged to develop a Leadership Academy which should:

  • Signpost/deliver appropriate qualifications and awards to support volunteering, including basic training in coaching, officiating and team management. Download the YST and NGBs Leadership Pathway
  • Provide opportunities for young leaders to learn from their peers
  • Share a range of volunteer opportunities for young people, including school sport, community clubs, events and organisations)
  • Prepare and support them to undertake placements and volunteer experiences
  • Provide mentoring support to young leaders individually and in a group
  • Be fully inclusive
  • Celebrate, profile and reward the contribution young leaders make to school and community sport.

We have developed guidance on how to create an environment within a Leadership Academy where young people with disabilities and special educational needs feel a sense of belonging and an ability achieve. 

Level 3

Local Organising Committees and our LCV schools will be organising training for young people volunteering at the event. Find your nearest here

Logging volunteer hours

Young people can use the Lead2Employability Passport to log their volunteering hours and record their experiences.

NGB Leadership pathways guide
For further information, please contact:

Emily Reynolds
Head of Sport
07825 065226

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