Journey to Wellbeing

YST Journey to Wellbeing
Journey to Wellbeing is the education programme at the heart of Ben Smith’s USA 2020 Challenge. It has been developed by YST in partnership with the 401 Challenge company and with the support of teachers.

About the USA 2020 Challenge

The USA 2020 Challenge will see 401 marathon runner and YST Ambassador Ben Smith run a marathon in each of the 50 US states and then cycle between each one. Ben will be aiming to complete the 18,500 mile in 104 days – finishing during YST National School Sport Week 2020.

During the epic challenge, Ben is hoping to raise £1million to support the work of the 401 Foundation and Youth Sport Trust to use physical activity to improve people’s mental health and wellbeing. As part of this, he wants to engage thousands of schools in a programme which will improve the wellbeing of young people and help them ‘find their happy’.

Introducing 'Journey to Wellbeing'

In primary and secondary schools, young people will be challenged to go on a wellbeing journey aligned to Ben’s journey across the USA. Along the way, they will be empowered to take a lead in improving wellbeing for themselves, their class, their school and beyond.

The programme launches in September 2019. It has been designed to give schools flexibility, offering a structured programme of activities which can be implemented over a week, month, term or across the 2019/20 academic year.

How it works

The programme is structured around the Five Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation and endorsed by charities and the NHS. These say that the key to good mental health and wellbeing are:

  • Being active
  • Connecting
  • Giving Back
  • Learning
  • Taking notice.

For each of these Five Ways to Wellbeing there will be suggested activities that students and teachers can help organise – either in groups, classes or across the whole school. This will include video messages from Ben and creative ideas to help schools build wellbeing challenges across the curriculum and school day.

Primary schools teachers will be supported to deliver teacher-facilitated, class-based activities. Secondary schools will be encouraged to establish student-led Challenge Teams who will be empowered to lead the organisation of activities across the school.

What schools will receive

Every school can sign up to receive a free USA 2020 fundraising pack and a Journey to Wellbeing planning toolkit. The fundraising pack will include resources and ideas to help organise fundraising activities to support Ben’s USA 2020 Challenge. The Journey to Wellbeing planning toolkit will help schools to develop a wellbeing action plan.

As schools progress through their fundraising, they will unlock and receive resources to deliver the wider Journey to Wellbeing programme. These will cover all five of the ways to wellbeing and support teachers and students to use the inspiration of Ben’s challenge to engage the wider school in a Journey to Wellbeing.

Those taking part will also receive USA 2020 wristbands, resources, access to unique prizes and exclusive insights from Ben as he prepares for and then embarks on the challenge of a lifetime. This will include messages from Ben to pupils and students live from the USA.

How to get involved

Schools can get involved today by completing the short form below. In early September 2019, all registered schools will receive a fundraising guide and a Journey to Wellbeing planning toolkit. As schools progress through their fundraising they will unlock and receive resources to deliver the wider Journey to Wellbeing programme.

Register for Journey to Wellbeing Details
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