University of Greenwich appoints Head of Sports Strategy

The University of Greenwich has recognised the importance of taking a holistic approach to sport and physical activity by creating a Head of Sport Strategy role.

The new approach to sport at the university includes developing more sporting and participation opportunities for students, staff and the wider community, and placing healthy living, fitness and well-being at the centre of the university experience.

A passionate belief in the power of sport and exercise to transform lives is part of what drives the University of Greenwich’s Sport, Health and Well-being strategy. Head of Sport Strategy Marianne Boyle said;

Engaging in sport can help students learn so many other skills in areas such as leadership, team-building, communication and resilience, these are highly transferable skills that make students more confident, motivated and accomplished, and therefore makes them attractive to high-quality employers.

A key part of the university’s sports strategy is that people who are strong socially and personally are also successful academically, and therefore we want to give students every opportunity to fulfil both their academic and sporting potential whilst they study at the University of Greenwich.  It’s such an exciting time to be at the university particularly with the investments Greenwich is making in sport, such as the £1.7 million state-of-the-art, 3G sports pitches that Greenwich unveiled earlier this year.

In addition to the arrival of the Head of Sport Strategy, for 2018/19  the University is consolidating its academic offering for sport on to one campus to create a ‘Sports Hub’. The move of Sport Science to Avery Hill to accompany the PE and Sport courses will allow all students studying sport to be able to use state of the art facilities and equipment. This will establish Avery Hill as the focal point of all sports for the university our students, staff and the wider community.

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