UK Young Ambassador Steering Group April update

by Freddie Neal, UK Young Ambassador Steering Group member

The Steering Group were very excited for our second meeting of the year, this time at the Youth Sport Trust offices in Loughborough. We had a lot to squeeze into the two days we had together (but still managed to find some time for Domino’s Pizza and the BUCS basketball finals!)

Our main aim for this meeting was to select the winners of the #yakickstart scheme. It was great to read so many detailed applications, but it did make the decision very difficult! Having made a decision, we hope that all of the successful Young Ambassadors make best use of the kit and keep us up to date on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtags #yaleadingtheway and #yachampion. We'd love to hear from you!

We also did some work in our subgroups: Equality, Identity and Recognition & Reward. We worked hard to decide on some action plans so that Young Ambassadors see changes on the ground and have more support in the delivery of the programme in their schools. With our newest member of the group, Gareth, on board, the Steering Group are very excited to see what we can achieve in the upcoming months!

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