This Girl Can... Create Change!

This is a new campaign for schools. It is for all girls aged 11-18 years-old.


This Girl Can is a national campaign that supports women and girls to get active. We believe there’s no right way to get active. If it gets your heart rate up, it counts! 

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This Girl Can… Create Change! is a resource for girls at school. We believe girls can be truly effective at helping more girls in their school to get active - in ways that are right for them.

This could involve creating a campaign, gathering research around what the girls want to see changed in the school or in PE to encourage them to get active or putting on activities.


Why should you get involved?

Campaigners make a difference to the world. They work towards a goal, raise awareness and change attitudes. You can make a difference to PE, sport and physical activity in your school. You can help more girls:

  • Be active – in school or at home
  • Find their reason to be active
  • Find their right activity
  • Have fun with their friends
  • Influence PE and sport at school so that it is more appealing to girls.

As well as making physical activity fun for you and your friends, getting involved and running a campaign will help you to:

  • Have confidence in school
  • Gain experience for college or university
  • Learn skills for work
  • Feel more satisfied in life.

Ask your PE teacher about This Girl Can and use these resources to make a difference. 

By working with others, YOU can create change!

You can also check out the This Girl Can website at