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Start to Move supports primary teachers to become more confident and competent in delivering PE and developing physical literacy in children aged 4-7.
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Start to Move supports primary teachers to become more confident and competent in delivering PE and developing physical literacy in children aged 4-7. Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of creating active and healthy children.  Children do not naturally develop these skills, and it is crucial the role and responsibility the primary school has to ensure children access these quality learning opportunities must take is not underestimated.

The suite of Start to Move resources and training aims to help teachers to proficiently deliver the foundation of fundamental movement skills in Key Stage 1. 

Primary School Teacher, London: 

I feel that I have gained more of an understanding about the range of PE skills, and how important it is to start small instead of straight to the big picture. I will definitely incorporate this model into my teaching.

Movement Assessment Tool iPad app Details
Designed with guidance from Primary school teachers and international experts of children’s movement, the app allows teachers to accurately assess, and subsequently enhance, children’s learning of fundamental movement skills through three development stages of ‘emerging, developing and established’.
Start to Move resource cards Details
Consists of 28 resource cards and guidance to help planning, teaching and delivery of fundamental movement skills.
Start to Move e-learning and digital resources Details
With a recommended learning time of three hours across six e-learning modules, this package is a comprehensive and effective training and delivery aid for practitioners wanting to grasp the fundamentals of movement in primary aged children.
Start to Move face-to-face training Details
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