Social Health

YST Social Health
With the increases in technology and social media, the increases in community safety issues and the focus on academic rigour; children’s social wellbeing is becoming a central issue to their overall health and happiness.

Society is creating a generation of children with a poor sense of belonging, low self-efficacy, increased social isolation with many lacking the social skills and sense of purpose to achieve their potential in school, in work or in life.


There are some alarming increases in social mobility issues, but more alarming is the numbers of children who suffer from loneliness and do not feel positive about their future happiness and life-chances. One in seven children reporting feeling lonely when starting secondary school and this rises to nearly 5 times more likely (27.5%) if on free school meals. Meanwhile, nearly 25% of young people do not feel positive about their future or about having the social skills they need for work and with increases in instances of anti-social behaviour, racism, tolerance and gang culture; children and young people have never been more disconnected.


We have a rich history in developing a movement of young people who take social action and connect other young people through sport and play. Using our rich heritage and experience around the use of leadership, peer mentoring and ambassadors; we have several programmes that are now about empowering activism and ensuring young people themselves shape the future of this generation and those to come. The work of the Youth Sport trust enables young people to be empowered, be heard and make a difference in their school and community that brings about skills for life, social connectedness and a sense of belonging to something worthwhile.

There are a number of products and programmes which could support you:

  • Action to Achieve
  • Girls Active - We recognise that girls' needs differ and change as they mature and that girls themselves are uniquely positioned to 'sell' PE and sport to other girls.
  • Mentally Healthy Schools Programme - This pilot is transforming Manchester schools’ approach to mental health, with YST putting the physical into mental health. The project was commissioned by the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and is being delivered in collaboration with Alliance for Learning, 42nd Street and Place2Be.
  • Play Unified - Inspired by a simple principle: training together and playing together is a quick path to understanding, acceptance and friendship, breaking down the barriers that exist for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • West Somerset Physical Literacy Project - We have been commissioned to deliver an 'Early Years physical literacy and social mobility project' which will ensure every child in the area of West Somerset gets the opportunity to achieve a good level of physical development linked to their language and literacy skills.