School Recruitment Window - Summer 2019

YST School Recruitment Window - Summer 2019
Interested in working with us next term? Take a look at the upcoming opportunities and sign-up for any you feel might be suitable using the survey link provided.

What is the School Recruitment Window?

Every term there is an opportunity for schools to register their interest in participating in Youth Sport Trust programmes. All of the programmes and other opportunities listed below are open to school participation from September 2019 onwards. 

How does my school apply?

This term the recruitment window opens on Tuesday 07 May and closes on Friday 24 May. Please click here or use the 'Register Interest' button at the bottom of the page to open the survey and complete it with your choices between these dates.

In order to complete the survey you will need to enter a unique code for you school which will have been sent to you via email. If you haven't received this code please contact

We will be in touch with you on or before Friday 14 June to confirm whether your application has been successful and to provide you with any further dates or information you may need.

Please note that some programmes are only open to particular schools; this may be due to demographics, location, type of school. Any restrictions such as this will be listed on the survey.

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What's available?

A full list of available opportunities for this window are listed below. Click on any of the hyperlinks provided to find out more information about a particular programme or download the programme guidance document available on the right-hand side of this page.

Please note that some opportunities may be linked to the same programme.

  • Active in Mind (Individual School)

Active in Mind is a student-led intervention, designed to make use of physical activity as a proactive solution to mental health and wellbeing issues present within schools. The project will include a minimum of 15 young people (Nurture Group) who will take part in a ‘six week’ intervention, planned and delivered by five Young Mental Health Champions.

Schools involved in the programme will be required to have a lead member of staff to give pastoral support to all students involved and support the Young Mental Health Champions with their delivery. Outcomes of the programme include: increased student awareness of mental health issues, improved physical activity levels and a developed skill-set to improving coping strategies associated with mental wellbeing.

Find out more about Active in Mind

  • Active in Mind (Hub School)

Please see above. In addition, as a 'Hub School', you will be required to recruit and support three partner schools to deliver this programme within their schools, and will be accountable for the programme delivery within these schools.

Find out more about Active in Mind

  • Girls Active: Secondary

Girls Active is an award-winning programme that develops partnerships between teachers and girls working together to understand what makes girls fully engage in PE, sport and physical activity to then provide inspiring and relevant opportunities for all girls, not just the sporty few.

Girls Active is designed to be an annual process which provides resources and a support framework for schools to review their PE, sport and physical activity culture and practices to ensure they are relevant and attractive to their 11–14-year-old girls. It uses leadership and peer marketing to empower girls to influence PE, sport and physical activity in their school, increase their own participation, develop as role models and ‘sell’ PE, sport and physical activity to other girls.

Find out more about Girls Active

  • Girls Active: Stepping up for Change (New)

This programme provides training, funding and a support framework for primary and secondary schools to work collaboratively to develop positive transition experiences and positive PE, sport and physical activity culture and practices to ensure they are relevant and attractive to their 7–14-year-old girls.

We have an exciting opportunity for up to 15 Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering Lead schools to lead the implementation of the programme this year through supporting the delivery of the programme locally. We will provide and deliver all resources and content for the day through our National Faculty Tutors and Athlete Mentors and be responsible for the coordination of the venue.  

Find out more about Stepping up for Change

  • Girls Active: Stepping up for Change (Sustain)

The 50 schools who committed to Girls Active: Stepping up for Change in 2018/19 will be able to sustain their involvement in the programme in 2019/20. Initial feedback from teachers and girls who attended training indicates the programme will have a positive impact for girls in your schools and in supporting girls at the point of transition. 

Each school will be responsible for confirming their own schools’ commitment to continued involvement in the programme. All schools will also be made aware of this opportunity via the Girls Active newsletter. All schools must have attended training and been part of the programme in 2018/19. Schools must commit to working with a minimum of one feeder school.

Find out more about Stepping up for Change

  •  Healthy Lifestyle Champions

This programme aims to use the influence of peer leadership to empower young people to engage their Year 7/8, low socio-economic background peers in a festival and a block of 10-week non-traditional activity that will be delivered in a way in which it can be sustained.

Participating schools will be provided with £1,400 of funding, a YST Athlete Mentor visit and additional resources to support delivery.

Find out more about Healthy Lifestyle Champions

  • HSBC UK Ready Set Ride

Ready Set Ride is a simple Learn to Ride programme for children aged 18 months to eight years, created by British Cycling together with the Youth Sport Trust. We want schools and families to introduce pedalling to playtime and it to be part of all children's learn to ride journey, helping them to become confident and happy cyclists for life.

There are three simple stages which focus on the fundamental movements required to gain coordination, balance and confidence on two wheels. All the games and activities can easily be delivered by teachers and school staff without training - plus you don’t need any bikes to get started. This programme could support a school to work with families and parents as part of helping children achieve the recommended CMO guidelines of 60 minutes of daily physical activity. This is not an instructor or coach led programme, it is facilitated by the school to engage children and families.

Find out more about Ready Set Ride

  • National School Sport Week

Now in its 11th year, National School Sport Week takes place from 24-28 June, this year with the theme of 'Five steps to wellbeing'. Our five steps are being active, connecting, giving back, taking notice and learning, and we ask you to support these with your school activities through National School Sport Week. After you register you will receive a toolkit containing ideas about how to make the most of the week as well as information to help you think about how you can showcase your activities through PR and social media.

We are also partnering with Ben Smith, endurance athlete and YST Ambassador, for this year’s National School Sport Week. His USA2020 challenge is to run a marathon in each of the 50 US states and we are creating an education legacy pack to support his challenge and commitment to the Five Steps to Wellbeing. Your participation in National School Sport Week will give you access to these resources when they become available in September.

Find out more about National School Sport Week

  • Sainsbury's Active Kids For All Inclusive PE

This 3-hour workshop equips qualified and trainee primary and secondary teachers with tools and practical ideas to fully include all pupils in curriculum physical education and ensure that all are appropriately challenged and able to show ‘rapid and sustained progress’.

IPE explores barriers to engagement and inclusion, and strategies to overcome these, including the use of STEP and the inclusion spectrum. Participants will also gain access to exclusive online resources and will be able to cascade their training to others in their school.

Find out more about Active Kids For All Inclusive PE

Network Opportunities

  • Lead School - Inclusion

We have a number of opportunities for existing Inclusion schools to take part in. 

  1. Alternative Provision Innovation Project - this project will work with three Lead Inclusion Schools to focus on engaging Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) and encouraging active participation in the School Games.
  2. Find Your Tribe Innovation Project - this project will work with 15 Lead Inclusion Schools to explore, design and develop innovative practices on how to engage and empower girls on (or suspected to be on) the Autistic Spectrum into PE and school sport opportunities.
  3. The Profound and Multiple Learning Disability (PMLD) Innovation Project - this project will continue to support the launch of the new MATP competition format which was added to the School Games at the start of the 2018-19 academic year.
  4. Inclusive Design Innovation Project - this project will work with Lead Inclusion Schools to to explore barriers to competition for young people, linked to the environment and equipment, engaging with local partners in FE or HEI to develop innovative solutions.
  5. Project Ability - This is an opportunity to lead on Inclusion 2020 and Project Ability work at a county Level to help provide expert advice, training and guidance to other schools on how to be more inclusive through PE and School Sport.

Find out more about Lead Inclusion Schools

  • Lead School - Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering

LCV schools play a crucial role across the county to empower and engage others to drive an inclusive leadership pathway accessible by all young people. They are Enablers, Advisors and Advocates for change working with SGOs, mainstream and SEN schools, Lead Schools and other sport and education organisations across the county.

In 2019/20 these schools will again have an opportunity to focus on the development of young women as coaches, complete an audit of the workforce and be involved in a residential camp. There is also an additional funding opportunity available for Lead LCV schools to be involved in our award-winning Girls Active programme by hosting a Girls Active: Stepping up for Change event.

Find out more about LCV Lead Schools

  • Youth Sport Trust Membership

You have the power to transform your school’s vision and ethos using the vehicle of sport and physical activity. You are uniquely placed to deliver crucial life lessons around healthy living, social development and core values such as tolerance and mutual respect. Membership will enable you to promote these behaviours throughout the school, enhance your professional profile and gain easy access to resources which engage and inspire the young people in your care. 

Some of our benefits for 2019/20 include: priority access to Youth Sport Trust funded programmes and courses contained within the programme access opportunity; complete the YST Quality Mark to benchmark and identify areas for development in your school’s provision, access to our extensive online resources library and attend our annual conference for free. Not to mention access discounts from Youth Sport Trust along with our partner organisations such as PGL, Complete PE and Maths of the Day.

Find out more about YST Membership


  • Free online CPD courses for teachers and practitioners

We are looking for six schools to trial our online courses, for free, in exchange for honest feedback! We are keen to find out what users think about our online courses, e.g. What are your initial feelings about online learning? How did you find the experience? Are the digital resources useful? Do you value the course completion certificate? Do you think the retail prices reflect value-for-money?

Ideally, we’d like two schools from each of the following sectors: Early Years, Primary and Secondary to take part.

SGO Area Opportunities

  • Creating positive first experiences of competition - innovation pilot

A negative experience at a formative age can put people off taking part in competition for life. Others may be deterred from ever getting involved after hearing negative experiences shared by parents, friends of classmates. Avoiding a negative first experience of competition is therefore important, with research suggesting that negative experiences can have a larger and longer lasting effect than positive ones.

Working with schools from across the country, this pilot will explore what makes a positive first experience of competition focusing on how we prepare young people for competition through holistic approaches, how we design appropriate competition environments, and how post competition support is provided.

Find out more about SGOs and their role in the School Games

  • School Games Open Days

An opportunity for up to 15 School Games Organisers to showcase and share their work with others from across the School Games network (SGOs, LOCs and NGBs). SGOs are invited to host an Open Day as an interactive learning experience where up to 20 colleagues will book to attend a School Games event – competition, festival or leadership/training event to be immersed in the day and engage in a workshop session to explore how their own offer can be developed based on experiences during the Open Day. 

Those successful SGOs will receive funding to cover additional costs on the day e.g. catering, extra room hire etc. up to a maximum value of £500. The School Games Open Day must take place between September 2019 and March 2020.

Find out more about SGOs and their role in the School Games

  • Using competition to support transition pilot

Competitive sport opportunities are declining in secondary schools. Young people are now being exposed to a multitude of opportunities at primary level but this decreases at secondary schools. We would like to embark in a pilot where we can explore using competition to support transition from primary to secondary school. School Games Organisers will be asked to pilot different competitions in partnership with primary and secondary schools to help understand the role competition can play in supporting transition.

The objective of this pilot is that the learning will help inform guidance to SGOs and Schools about how competition can be used to help young people transition from primary to secondary schools.

Find out more about SGOs and their role in the School Games


Our Athlete Mentors including Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship and Commonwealth medallists, have a wealth of experience in schools using personal stories of struggle and success to inspire young people. The athletes can visit your school to deliver assemblies, workshops and masterclasses working with targeted groups of pupils. ​

Our free cross-curricular Women’s World Cup resources can benefit all your pupils by using the Lionesses values and the power of a major sporting event to inspire them. Extras including a Women’s World Cup wall chart, squad poster and certificates.

The Youth Sport Award is a reward and celebration scheme for young people aged 10-24 years with the themes of Wellbeing, Achievement, Leadership and Reflection at its heart. Founded with partner Loughborough University, this scheme is the first of its kind to develop leadership skills and character traits using the power of sport. It helps to support wider academic achievement and improve physical and emotional wellbeing by incentivising physical activity.  

School Recruitment Window - Summer 2019 Details
Interested in working with us next term? Take a look at the upcoming opportunities and sign-up for any you feel might be suitable using the survey link provided.