School Recruitment Window

YST School Recruitment Window
Interested in taking part in one of our programmes? Take a look at the upcoming opportunities and sign-up for any you feel might be suitable for your school.

What is the School Recruitment Window?

Every term there is an opportunity for schools to register their interest in participating in Youth Sport Trust programmes. All of the programmes listed below are actively recruiting schools right now. To view a full list of our ongoing programmes and to express an interest in participating in the future please click here.

How does it work?

Each programme listed below comes with a guidance document which covers who's eligible to take part, the contents of the programme, the expectations of participants and a list of what support you will receive from us - these documents can be viewed by pressing 'find out more' on any of the tiles below.

To sign up for any of the programmes, simply click the 'apply' button at the bottom of this page, and select which programme(s) you'd like to participate in.

What's available now?

The Autumn Term recruitment window for the 2019/20 academic year opens on Tuesday 10 September and closes on Friday 27 September.

LCV Lead Schools

We are seeking schools from Durham, North London, Northamptonshire to join our network of Leadership, Coaching and Volunteer (LCV) Lead Schools. This network comprises of 50 schools, who individually and collectively support young people to access leadership opportunities, to reflect on their leadership experience and to find an appropriate exit route to develop themselves as leaders, coaches and volunteers.

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Primary sport hockey

Health & Wellbeing Lead Schools

We are seeking schools from across the country to join our network of Health and Wellbeing Lead Schools. These schools have been at the forefront of delivery and advocacy of addressing wellbeing challenges through PE, sport and physical activity for the last six years. The time has come for us to reinvigorate this network and develop it into a delivery network for health-related programmes and thought-leaders in future areas of concern.

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Inclusion Lead Schools

We are seeking schools from Norfolk and Kent to join our network of Inclusion Lead Schools. These schools are inclusion champions and are visionaries for what high quality, meaningful and inclusive PE and school sport should look like for every child. This network forms part of the Youth Sport Trust's ongoing commitment to equality and diversity as we strive to create more opportunities for all young people from every background.

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Leadership & Volunteering Insight Tool

Unfortunately, some young peoples’ aspirations and potential is being limited as the current take up of leadership opportunities is not representative of the school population. We are offering secondary schools the opportunity to evidence your schools’ “intent to provide for the personal development of all pupils” as referenced in the Ofsted School Inspection Handbook, 2019, through use of our free Leadership and Volunteering Insight Tool.

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Young Researchers / SGO Impact Toolkit Pilot

We are looking to recruit up to 10 SGOs who would be interested in helping to develop and test both a Young Researchers Programme and a School Games Organiser Impact Toolkit. The programme element will involve training and content aimed at enabling young people to conduct surveys, focus groups and gather insight from their peers. The toolkit will be a suite of tools and resources which any SGO can adopt to understand more about the local impact of the School Games.

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