Running Mad: The Trans-Siberian Expedition

by Ettienne De Beer, Personal Trainer and Ultra-Athlete

8000 miles of running? 

Yes, I know, this may not sound like much fun, but for an ultra-runner it is an adventure not to be missed and a rare opportunity to make a small contribution to a great charity.

The Trans-Siberian Expedition is a solo running adventure that stretches over two continents, crossing 10 countries and 11 time zones. Because this is a solo adventure, I will be carrying all my food, water, clothing, sleeping stuff and anything that I would need to stay alive on this epic run. Along my way I will be challenged by the monsoon season in China, the deserts of Mongolia with dangerous sandstorms and if that’s not enough, going through Siberia could see me run into bears, wolves or even elusive tigers.

I will be exhausted from running anywhere between 30–50 miles daily to complete this journey within the allocated times by the visa requirements for each country. My journey will start on 1 June 2015 in Vladivostok (Far Eastern Russia) and will end some six-nine months later in London.

So why am I doing this crazy run? 

Sport has changed my life and since I’ve taken up running I’ve become more driven, healthier, stronger and for these and more reasons my aim is to inspire young people to be active and to enjoy sport by making it part of their everyday life too.

My goal is to raise £30 000 for the Youth Sport Trust by completing this 8000 mile running expedition.

To make a donation please visit: 

Alternatively, become a part of the Trans-Siberian Expedition forever by taking on the “8000 miles in a day challenge” on 1 April 2015. This is your opportunity to become an active inspiration by running one mile or more to help launch the Trans-Siberian Expedition and support the Youth Sport Trust in building a brighter future for all young people through the power of sport.

Entering is simple; please click here to register your place. Entry is only £3.00 and you could stand a chance to be featured on my running trailer for the entire duration of the Trans-Siberian Expedition.

Where does your £3 entry money go?

  • £1.50 goes directly to the Youth Sport Trust,
  • £0.60 goes to Sports Entry Solutions for supplying and hosting the registration process, and the remaining
  • £0.90 will go towards supporting the Trans-Siberian Fundraising Expedition with travel costs and technical equipment for a documentary. (This £0.90 will only be collected until the £ 3000 budget is covered, once covered all £2.40 will go to the Youth Sport Trust) 

You can also keep updated on my training and more information by following:

My wish is that everyone who is reading this blog will take part in the “8000 miles in a day challenge” as a step to become healthier and happier as well as to lead by example.