YST Wellbeing
In this section, you will find information, planning tools and resources to help schools to support children’s physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. You can also find out more about Well Schools and a new leadership concept known as Bubble Leadership.

We know that COVID-19 and lockdown has affected young people’s wellbeing in many ways. Here at the YST we have been tracking this impact and listening to them in order to build our response to the pandemic and how we can address these wellbeing challenges through sport and physical activity.

This paper summarises key evidence relating to the impact of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions on children and young people. It sets the context for why we have to take care of young people’s physical, social and emotional wellbeing and links to the resources and support you can access below.

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Physical Wellbeing

Access tools, ideas and resources on how to plan effective physical activity as part of 60 active minutes per day.
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Emotional Wellbeing

The following resources and videos are available to support children’s emotional and mental wellbeing.
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Bubble Leadership

School life is going to look different for a while. Bubbles and other restrictions pose challenges to the delivery of school sport and leadership for an unknown length of time. But we must overcome these challenges to help young people recover from the impact of COVID-19 through sport.
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Well Schools

There is a growing community of like-minded people who believe that wellbeing should be at the heart of education. Wellbeing should permeate all aspects of education and be the foundation of the culture that staff and pupils experience.
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Youth Voice

Today, over 122 governments from around the world have adopted national youth policies that focus on empowering young people. You may have a youth governing body or council in your school.
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