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Through a range of leadership experiences, young people can acquire skills and learn behaviours which not only develop them as individuals but as drivers of change for others

The leadership framework has been designed to: Help practitioners and young people themselves to reflect on the skills and behaviours required when they are involved in different leadership settings, providing a check and challenge to ensure that they are supported with training to succeed and receive positive experiences of leadership activity. Help advocate the value and wider impact that leadership development through PE, sport and play can have on every young person. Support schools and organisations to reflect on any gaps they have in either training or deployment opportunities that may prevent young people from reaching their potential.

Using competition for wider outcomes - Webinar

When competition is designed with a clear purpose it can achieve wider outcomes. This webinar will explore both domestic and global research to understand different approaches to competition that help achieve impact for all young people.

Virtual Athlete Mentor visit

Our world class athletes can help tackle young people’s declining emotional wellbeing and resilience and inspire their attitudes to learning through virtual sessions.

Free resource

Wonder Woman 1984 Resources

Filled with awesome activity ideas and anchored in the recovery curriculum to help your young people develop skills such as courage, strength and teamwork using the power of sport.

YST Primary PE Toolkit

This toolkit developed by the Youth Sport Trust provides a framework for you to undertake a self-review of how to maximise the impact of your funding against your school’s priorities. The toolkit comes in two parts: Part One An introduction to each key indicator with messaging from a headteacher sharing good practice about how they have achieved improvement and planned for sustainability. Part Two Sustainability Actions, a proforma to help you as a school consider where you are now and what you need to do to improve and achieve sustainability in each key indicator. Please use the adjacent links to download the toolkit. Prompt questions and supporting documentation for key indicators 2-5 and swimming will be released over the following months.

YST Quality Mark Webinar

Supporting you to use your online PE self-review tool through a recap on what Quality Mark is, how to get started with Quality Mark and getting the most out of the data.

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Youth Voice Toolkit

An Inclusive youth voice toolkit designed to support practitioners in a range of ways to engage student voice in their school, representative of a diverse community of pupils.

Zero Bounds

Zero Bounds is the home of ‘Roundnet’ in the UK. Setup by teachers and players who want to expand the Roundnet world and grow the sport nationally, recognising the awesome benefits that it can bring to the physical and mental health of young people.