Zero Bounds

Zero Bounds is the home of ‘Roundnet’ in the UK. Setup by teachers and players who want to expand the Roundnet world and grow the sport nationally, recognising the awesome benefits that it can bring to the physical and mental health of young people.


Roundnet benefits for schools

  • Curriculum Links: alternative sports and activities

Since the National Curriculum (NC) reform during the 2015/16 academic year, a shift can be seen in the range of sports and activities provided by Physical Education (PE) teachers. This change is seeing more teachers being open to “alternative” sports and activities, many of which are already adopting Roundnet.

  • Motor Development: small sided games (SSG)

Roundnet is ideal for achieving all domains of learning (psychomotor, cognitive, social, emotional), which are a critical element of the NCPE. This is due to a “small-sided games/modified games” format, which provides greater engagement and opportunities for practice.

  • Active Schools: Action Plan policy, 2019

“60minutes of physical activity is needed within the school day” as stated by the department of education and department of health. Roundnet has been found to show increased engagement with those disengaged students, as well as increased activity levels.

  • Inclusive - very easily adaptable: see our three 'on the box' games as an example 

The game is so easily adapted for all abilities. We have provided three versions of the game to get you started, but there is so much more you can do! Check out our affiliated coaching company Spike-it Coaching, to find out more.

  • Junior rules for competition - rules for inter-school tournaments

As we are aiming to get junior age groups playing and competing, we have set “junior rules”. These will be used at inter-school competitions, and for you to use as you feel appropriate with your age/ability groups.