Complete P.E.

Complete P.E. is an interactive resource, supporting high quality teaching and learning in all areas of physical education for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.


Complete P.E. is an interactive primary Physical Education resource, written by Primary School PE Specialist Teachers (QTS), designed to support the implementation of a high quality Physical Education curriculum.

Complete P.E. has over 450 units of work, covering all areas of the Physical Education National Curriculum that flow in a sequential order, presenting teachers with a clear progression of learning to support the delivery of PE.

Complete P.E. is much more than just a scheme of work and comprises all of the tools, resources and support teachers need to plan, deliver and high-quality PE lessons. Check out this Ten Top Teaching Tips blog from Catherine Fitzpatrick, Director at Complete PE.

Complete P.E. can help…

  • Teachers embed the physical, social and cognitive elements of learning.
  • Ensure each year group has access to progressive sequences of learning.
  • Teachers record the progress of pupils’ Physical Education attainment.
  • Set clear and achievable learning outcomes for pupils.

Complete P.E. with TOP PE

Partnering TOP PE with the Complete P.E package is your comprehensive solution to the delivery of high quality PE in primary schools.

This exclusive bundle combines both YST’s renowned TOP PE printed resource cards with access to the Complete PE online platform.

Complete P.E with My Personal Best

The combination of online resources provides teachers with the convenience of being able to deliver whole child personal development through high-quality physical education. The two resources also link directly to the new Ofsted framework, allowing teachers to evidence the progress pupils make, highlighting a clear progression of skills. 

Since the introduction of Complete P.E. there has been a significant improvement in the teaching and learning of physical education across all key stages. Teachers use the differentiation cards within the resource to challenge the learning of all pupils.

Beech Hyde Primary School and Nursery
Beech Hyde Primary School and Nursery