Active 30:30 Champions

Our Active 30:30 Champions inspire primary schools and families to commit to 30 minutes of physical activity during the school day and 30 minutes at home.



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(£900.00 ex. VAT)


This programme draws on behaviour change theory. Schools will receive two support visits from an Athlete Mentor to work with teachers and pupils to encourage behaviour change and establish active lifestyle habits.

At the core of the programme are several key principles:

  • Brain growth: by targeting primary schools we use the second key development period (approx. 5-10 years old) to establish positivity towards movement.
  • Repeated reinforcement: our athletes support teachers to reinforce the habit of moving.
    Behaviour change: which will paint a clear picture of what is possible, create emotional engagement and empower young people to own their movement plan.
  • Collaborative competition: creating the opportunity for participants to establish an emotional attachment to movement.
  • Evidencing impact: capturing young people’s attitudes and attainability towards 30:30. Each school will get their school's data so they can provide this as evidence in their reporting.