CMO guidelines for physical activity for young disabled people

On Wednesday 16 February 2022, the new CMO guidelines for physical activity for young disabled people were published. Click to view them now or find our additional resources below.

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The recommendations, underpinned by research from Durham University, the University of Bristol and Disabilities Rights UK, note that the health and wellbeing benefits include stronger muscles and improved confidence. While chief medical officers have previously issued physical activity guidelines for UK children and young people, it is the first time such recommendations have been made for those with disabilities.

Click here to download the supporting infographic.

Thank you to our lead inclusion schools Clare Mount Specialist Sports College and Durham Trinity school & Sports College who shared their expertise on the report, and their pupils who co-created the infographic.

We were lucky to have some of the masterminds behind the infographic join us during YSTs Inclusion 2024 Live week before the new guidelines went out to the public. To hear powerful stories on how this co-creation and collaboration came together, please follow this link.