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Through years of experience and as a result of working in partnership with schools, Youth Sport Trust has developed a wide range of resources to help schools harness the power of PE and school sport. If you cannot find what you're looking for email the membership team and let us know.
How we work - Learning - In school support

In this section it is possible to view our resource library, which is a collection of downloadable documents, presentations and films. All of which are designed to share our knowledge and understanding of how schools can use PE and school sport to improve the wellbeing, leadership skills and achievement of all children across the whole school. 

In order to access the full resource library you will need to be a registered Youth Sport Trust Member

Year 9 boys core KS3 PE lesson

Introduction to learning All pupils are introduced to the learning using relevant vocabulary to develop literacy skills. Pupils are questioned on the learning objectives and are encouraged to develop their...
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Lesson demonstration resources

The lesson demonstration resource, a new addition to the Developing an Outstanding PE Department resource, has been designed to give teachers an insight into what good/outstanding teaching and learning looks...
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Clear outcomes

Characteristics: what it might look like in practice The department shares and reflects the values of the whole school PE and sport are used explicitly to develop the whole learner...
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Shared vision

Welcome to the shared vision area. There are three features within this area: clear outcomes, team work and staff involvement. Click on topics below to explore these features in detail...
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Reflective and aspirational practitioner

Characteristics: what it might look like in practice The Subject Leader is self-reflective and seeks the views of other staff, senior leaders and learners in assessing his or her leadership...
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Effective manager

Characteristics: what it might look like in practice The Subject Leader is well-organised and has a clear sense of priorities at any point in the year The department has clear...
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Inspirational leader

Characteristics: what it might look like in practice The Subject Leader is able to articulate a clear vision for the subject, and its role in contributing to whole school improvement...
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Excellent role model

Characteristics: what it might look like in practice The Subject Leader is passionate about the subject and the role it plays in developing young people The Subject Leader excels in...
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Outstanding Leadership

There are four features within this area: excellent role model, inspirational leader, effective manager and reflective and aspirational practitioner. Click below to explore these features in detail and discover what...
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Case Study Bank

The following case studies are from the exemplar schools. 1 - Ashington - Using ICT in PE to improve students' understanding of team work 2 - Ashington - Developing students'...
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Leadership Skills Review

The leadership skills review encourages you as a Subject Leader to reflect on your own skills and how these underpin your leadership of the department. This will support your own...
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Good practice guide

Good practice guide - What makes an outstanding PE department? This good practice guide identifies 25 features that make up an outstanding PE department. (The key features encompass Ofsted criteria)...
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