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The Big Give - Supporting Teach Wellbeing

Through the Big Give fundraising campaign, Youth Sport Trust are looking to work with 25 schools across the UK to actively deliver interventions to improve staff wellbeing. 


This work underpins the Well Led pillar within the Well School movement. Schools will identify at least one deliverable within the Well Led pillar to focus their intervention around. In addition, schools will be provided with supporting material through partner organisations and networking opportunities with other schools to maximise their efforts. This project comes with £600 capacity funding per school.

As a result of this project, the Well School network will gain insight from 25 case studies which provide examples of practice to support teacher wellbeing and will be available to positively impact on all schools within the movement.

This opportunity is suited to schools wanting to focus on staff wellbeing as part of their school development plan; or a school who has a staff member with a specific focus on staff wellbeing. We’re looking for schools who are at different stages along the staff wellbeing spectrum: excelling; developing and emerging.