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Multi Sport Environments – Innovation Pilot

Using the research findings from transition and positive experiences pilots conducted in 2020,the pilot will explore how SGO’s can support schools in creating multi-sport environments as a tool to deliver high quality experiences and prepare young people for an appropriate level of competition (personal challenge, intra and or inter).


Using year 7 (Secondary) as a specific focus, drawing on the findings of the 2019/20 transition pilot, SGO’s will be supported to design and develop age and stage appropriate multi-sport extracurricular clubs that have two key focuses: 1. Preparation for competition and introduction into sport. 2. Development of wider life skills. Findings from this research will directly drive innovation in secondary extracurricular delivery of developmental opportunities for young people. This work will seek to delve further into the sport for development agenda and will seek to profile examples of SGO’s trailblazing the way of bringing this practice into school extracurricular settings.