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The following overview provides details on the roll out of My Personal Best, Healthy Movers and Active in Mind, that will take place from September 2021 in the following locations, funded by NEXA.


Portsmouth / Bristol / Cardiff / South Wales / Liverpool

Programme: My Personal Best
School Type: Primary
Number of NEXA locations: 1 (South Wales)
Number of Schools per location: 3
Length of programme: 3 years.

Structured around the themes of Thinking Me, Social Me and Healthy Me, My PB supports primary teachers to deliver teaching and learning opportunities linked to personal outcomes through PE.  Through My PB Primary, children aged 4-11 will:
  • develop and apply life skills that will help them flourish in PE, school and wider life
  • improve health, wellbeing and personal skills
  • grow an understanding of working with others (social skills)
  • create opportunities, overcome challenges and make choices (thinking skills)
  • increase their potential achievement and readiness for life.

Programme: Healthy Movers
School Type: Early Years Setting
Number of NEXA locations: 3 (Portsmouth, Cardiff & Liverpool)
Number of Schools per location: 3
Length of programme: 3 years.

The Healthy Movers programme is designed to support two to five-year-olds physical literacy, self-esteem and wellbeing, helping them gain a better start in life.

The programme is delivered through resources and training for practitioners in early years settings and families to continue the activities at home.

Programme: Active in Mind
School Type: Secondary
Number of NEXA locations: 3 (Bristol)
Number of Schools per location: 9 (3 per year)
Length of programme: 1 year (repeated for 3 years)

Programme Overview
Active in Mind is a student-led intervention, designed to make use of physical activity as a proactive solution to mental health and wellbeing issues present within schools.

The project will include a minimum of 15 young people (Nurture group) who will take part in a ‘6 week’ intervention, planned and delivered by 5 Young Mental Health Champions. Schools involved in the programme will be required to have a lead member of staff to give pastoral support to all students involved and support the young mental health champions with their delivery.

Outcomes of the programme includes; increased student awareness of mental health issues, improved physical activity levels and a developed skillset to improving coping strategies associated with mental wellbeing.

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