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Existing Leadership, Coaching & Volunteering (LCV) Lead School

The LCV network, part of the YST Lead School Network, comprises of 50 schools who collectively support the Youth Sport Trust’s mission to provide impactful leadership opportunities for young people. The Lead Schools are advocates for the power of leadership, coaching and volunteering opportunities for young people, and are key drivers of innovative work within this space.


Target group: Secondary schools with experience of youth leadership provision who can positively drive forward leadership across their county with other schools, SGOs and Active Partnerships.

How to get involved: The Lead School LCV Network consists of 50 schools spread typically one per county area. County vacancies are advertised and made available to eligible schools within that county. If you would like to know more about a Lead School in your area or express an interest in becoming one, please contact [email protected].

Programme Information: There is an opportunity for your school to join the national Youth Sport Trust Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering (LCV) Lead School network. Comprising of 50 schools who individually and collectively support young people to access leadership opportunities, to reflect on their leadership experience and to find appropriate exit routes to develop themselves as leaders, coaches and volunteers.

LCV Lead Schools are beacons of best practice in their counties, promoting an increased profile and additional opportunities for young leaders in their area. LCV Leads play two essential roles: influencing and driving innovative leadership practice across the county providing support and guidance to schools and partners, and delivering targeted interventions appropriate to area of need.

LCV lead schools in 2021/22 will have the opportunity to focus more specifically on the relationships and partnerships forged across a county which can positively impact the opportunities available for young people. Reaching into areas most in need. LCVs will deliver one targeted intervention from a select list as appropriate based on identified local need from Boys Leadership, Girls as Coaches and Inclusive Leadership. LCV Lead Schools will also drive forwards the engagement of underrepresented groups identified by the Leadership & Volunteering Insight Survey into general leadership opportunities within schools. Over the next year the focus will be understanding and measuring impact particularly looking at pathways for young people and transition through an Insight Community to drive future Lead School strategy