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L&V Insight Tool

The Leadership and Volunteering Insight Tool (L&V Insight Tool) offers secondary schools the opportunity to evidence their school’s “intent to provide for the personal development of all pupils”, as referenced in the 2019 Ofsted School Inspection Handbook, through use of our free Leadership and Volunteering Insight Survey.


Target group: All schools or alternative provision settings currently delivering to KS3 and KS4 pupils in England.

How to get involved: If you would like to be provided with more information about how to access the tool, please contact [email protected].

Tool Information: Unfortunately, some young peoples aspirations and potential is being limited as the current take up of leadership opportunities is not representative of the school population. A diverse like me workforce is effective in increasing the participation levels of less-engaged young people in sport and physical activity. By creating a representative young workforce in our schools, young people are more likely to be physically active.

The tool looks at four key components: overall school population (data pulled from annual school census), the proportion of pupils involved in leadership activity intra-school, inter-school and in the community. It then helps to identify barriers and challenges which lead to leaders being involved in activity at all levels. Data from across county areas is joined to allow the school to see their individual results and for trends across the county to be identified.

Completing the L&V Insight Tool will:
  • Help you to identify underrepresented groups in your school
  • Evidence your school's intent to provide for the personal development of all pupils
  • Prompt thinking about ways that activity can become targeted or changed to help diversify your workforce
  • Prompt thinking around how to address underrepresentation on a wider scale
  • Provide opportunity to connect with your local YST Lead Leadership, Coaching and Volunteering (LCV) School for additional support.
All schools that take part in the survey and receive support from the Youth Sport Trust and/or Lead School are expected to identify 10 young people from one underrepresented group and implement activity which will engage them in leadership activity.