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Inclusive Youth Leadership (Option 2)

Developing on the principles of step into sport this project will involve 23 Lead Inclusion Schools delivering an inclusive youth leadership project resulting in an event hosted by young changemakers who follow a leadership pathway into the summer term.


The inclusive Youth Leadership project is available for all Lead Inclusion School to apply for. It is formed from the traditional step into sport project. It provides an opportunity to directly extend provision and establish new regular inclusive sport clubs/unified sport activities led by young people for young people with and without SEND to support a richer school day for all.

We are seeking 23 schools to deliver this project who will work closely with the local LCV school and schools in their county to provide more leadership opportunities for young SEND changemakers. This reduced inclusive youth leadership project has reduced KPI’s and allows a more intense focus on a deeper experience with fewer young people.
The programme will include the delivery of Inclusive Youth Leadership opportunities using a combination of virtual, face to face and blended approaches to best suit the needs of schools and young people. As a result, it can be positioned to meet local needs, having greater impact countywide through engaging more schools and young people with and without SEND.

It will be measured by increasing the number of schools/units engaged with school sport workforce on inclusive practice the Inclusive Youth Leadership offer; increasing the number of young people with and without SEND involved in Inclusive Youth Leadership opportunities and ensuring that a minimum of 25% are young people with SEND and aged 14-16years. Furthermore, it will involve working with local Young Role Models supporting Inclusive Youth Leadership offer and increasing the number of teachers and any other school staff involved in the delivery of Inclusive Youth Leadership

The project has an impact on young people with and without SEND as they help to increase the skills and confidence of the school PE and sport workforce to be more inclusive.  Our collective vision is to ensure that every young person is provided with an offer that is inspiring, accessible and meaningful.