Girls Active - Watch Her Go (Wales)

Youth Sport Trust has always sought to find ways to ensure that physical education (PE), sport and physical activity are relevant and motivating for girls. We are currently focusing on helping schools understand what motivates girls to take part, enabling teachers to work with girls, through consultation and leadership, to make the necessary changes to their PE, sport and physical activity provision.


In Wales we partner with Sport Wales to achieve this through the traditional Girls Active model but with making connections to the Watch Her Go Campaign and the Curriculum for Wales.

There are six key principles that underpin effective practice in engaging girls in PE, sport and physical activity. These have positive relationships at their core and should be supported by whole school policies and practice:
  1. Take a long-term approaching to engaging girls
  2. Put developing self-confidence at the heart of PE
  3. Make PE and sport relevant to girls' lives
  4. Recognise the power of friends to drive progress
  5. Develop role models for the future
  6. Empower girls to design and deliver PE and sport.
Girls Active Watch Her Go begins with two 2-hour teacher training workshops for two members of staff and includes the following support:
  • An individual school insight report on girls participation and perceptions of PE, sport and physical activity in your school
  • Self-review framework and action plan tools
  • Inspirational hard copy and electronic resources for teachers and girls.
Girls Active Watch Her Go GLAM Inspiration Day

The Girls Active Watch Her Go GLAM Inspiration Day follows the two teacher training sessions and a GLAM Introduction webinar, offering a further developmental opportunity for girls to take their personal development to the next level. Once girls have engaged in an influencing role, there is an appetite to transition from marketer to activator and continue their journey as female leaders within sport in a more formal coaching role.

The GLAM Inspiration Day will see around 100 girls from 20 secondary schools take part in an inspiring training day, developing their leadership skills to get their peers active and begin their journey into coaching. This cohort of girls will then return to their schools, working alongside their teachers to lead and deliver activities for their less-active peers.

For further information, please contact:
Aled Davies
Development Officer

[email protected]