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#BeeWell is a pioneering programme to address challenges facing young people in the post-Covid world offered to all secondary schools across Greater Manchester following a successful £1.2m fundraising effort by The University of Manchester, The Anna Freud Centre, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and The Gregson Family Foundation.


The programme - which will be named #BeeWell following wide consultation with young people across Greater Manchester - will be rolled out across secondary schools in Greater Manchester for three years, starting this autumn. It will use standardised assessment and monitoring to support and inspire holistic efforts to improve the wellbeing of young people.
Co-created with young people, the annual #BeeWell survey is the first of its kind across a city region and will hear from tens of thousands of young people in its first year.  It will equip each school with a knowledge and understanding of the wellbeing of their pupils and provide a rich dataset that helps unlock their wellbeing challenges and potential.