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Ortus Energy Youth Leadership Pilot

Targeted at the young people most in need of support following the pandemic, this new youth leadership pilot will use the inspiration of YST’s Athlete Mentors to empower young leaders to improve the wellbeing and sense of belonging of younger students.


The Ortus Energy Youth Leadership Pilot (I Have the Power!) has been co-created with young people to use the inspiration and leadership of YST Athlete Mentors (AMs) to empower Young Leaders to use the positive power of play and sport to improve wellbeing, build friendships, and foster understanding of one another.
We will be working with 20 schools across the UK to identify their year 7 students most in need of support following the impact of the covid-19 pandemic; and their 13–16-year-old young leaders best able to support them through sport and play.  

Further detail will follow once co-creation workshops with young people are completed this term.

In England, this opportunity is only open to current Healthy Lifestyle Champion Schools.

For further information, please contact:

Programme Lead
Ali Goodall 
Senior Innovations Manager
[email protected]
07825 065189